What is the Centre on Religion & Geopolitics?

Across the world, the interaction of religion and conflict is making its effect felt. Political ideologies and events are exposed to the pressures of religion. Policy makers can no longer ignore the threat posed by violent religious ideologies, but if they are to be defeated, they must be understood.

Through reports, media commentary, events and policy briefings, the Centre on Religion & Geopolitics (CRG) provides that understanding. We present informed analysis on the interaction of religion and conflict globally, offering policy responses to meet the scale of the challenge.

Online Resources:

Country Profiles provide a detailed understanding of the context in which a particular conflict is taking place. They look at the history of the interaction of religion and conflict within a country, key players and how the situation fits into the regional and global state of affairs.

Data on demographics, conflict indices, socio-economics and civil-political statistics.

Commentary including articles, opinion and detailed backgrounders.

Analysis including briefing notes, in-depth policy reports, and curated third party content.

Daily News Brief:

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If you wish to contribute an article, or have any comments or recommendations on our work, we would like to hear from you: info@religionandgeopolitics.org

Centre on Religion & Geopolitics Staff

Ed Husain, Senior Advisor

Ed Husain is Senior Advisor to the Centre on Religion & Geopolitics. He founded the counter-extremism think tank, Quilliam, in 2008, and is a former Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Author of the bestselling book The Islamist (Penguin, 2007), Ed writes and speaks extensively on international threats from radicalisation and terrorism. He has appeared on CNN, Fox, NPR, BBC, Al-Jazeera and writes regularly for publications including the New York Times, Financial Times and the Guardian. 

See Ed's articles for CRG  here.


William Neal, Head of Communications

William Neal is the Head of Communications for the Centre. A qualified journalist, he previously worked for a decade in political communications, spending time both in Parliament and at the Labour Party head office, where he worked on two general election campaigns and was a political advisor to a member of the shadow cabinet.

For media enquiries, contact: william.neal@religionandgeopolitics.org


Peter Welby, Managing Editor

Peter Welby is the Centre's Managing Editor. Focusing on the Middle East and North Africa, he has written for Prospect, Newsweek, the Washington Examiner, the Spectator and the Independent, and his research has been featured in the Daily Beast. He has also appeared on the Huffington Post web channel HuffPost Live.

See Peter's articles for CRG here.


Emman El-Badawy, Senior Analyst

Emman El-Badawy is Senior Analyst for the Middle East and North Africa and a Doctoral Researcher at Exeter University's Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies. Emma's core expertise is on MENA politics and global Islamist extremism and has appeared on the BBC, Sky News, Channel 4, and Al Jazeera.

See Emma's articles for CRG here


Mubaraz Ahmed, Analyst

Mubaraz Ahmed is an Analyst focusing on the Middle East and North Africa. He has written for Newsweek.

See Mubaraz's articles for CRG here.


Milo Comerford, Analyst

Milo Comerford is an Analyst focusing on Central and South Asia. He has written for the Independent and Newsweek and has appeared on Sky News.

See Milo's articles for CRG here.


Alona Ferber, Sub-Editor

Alona is the sub-editor for the Centre on Religion & Geopolitics. Before joining CRG, Alona spent a decade living in Israel and Mexico. She was a journalist at the Israeli newspaper Haaretz and worked in cooperation programmes at the British Embassy in Mexico. She has an MA in Middle Eastern History from Tel Aviv University.


Rachel Bryson, Researcher

Rachel Bryson is a researcher for CRG. She works on the Global Extremism Monitor, tracking global incidents of violent and non-violent extremism. She has written for the Guardian, Independent and International Business Times and has appeared on NBC, Spiegel, and RTL television.

Religion & Geopolitics Advisory Council

Our advisory council of experts helps us ensure that Religion & Geopolitics is providing a resource that gives a sophisticated and rigorous assessment of complex issues. Its members are drawn from a range of policy specialisms and fields of expertise. Find out more about the Advisory Council here.